Sessional Instructor Positions for 2016-17

For the 2016/17 Academic Year, it is the intention of the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies to offer the following additional courses as part of their program:

Term 1 (Sept.-Dec.)

ARBC 101 – 002 Classical Arabic I part I (MWF 2pm – 3pm)
CLST 311-001 Greek Women (MWF 9am – 10am)
CLST 352-001 Roman Republic (MWF 11am – 12pm)
CLST 360H-001 Classics in Film (TR 12:30 – 2pm)
GREK 351-001 Greek Prose (MWF 11am – 12pm)
NEST 303-001 History of Ancient Egypt (MWF 2pm – 3pm)
RELG 203-001 Scriptures of Near East (MWF 10am – 11am)

Term 2 (Jan.-April)

CLST 111-001 Late Rpb & Early Imp Rome (MWF 10am – 11am)
CLST 356-001 Alexander The Great (MWF 9am – 10am)
GREK 102-001 First Year Ancient Greek II (MWF 12pm – 1pm)
plus GREK 102 Tutorial (W 3pm – 4pm)
GREK 402/502-001 Greek Verse (MWF 1pm – 2pm)
LATN 102-001 First Year Latin II (MWF 10am – 11am)
RELG 201-002 Near East & Biblical Myth (MWF 9am – 10am)

The Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies invites applications to teach the above courses. Submit in writing your requests electronically to Submit an up-to-date CV with your application.

NOT LATER THAN Tuesday July 26, 2016

Details of courses can be found at
The times and days indicated above cannot under any circumstances be changed.

Click here for a pdf with more information.