Archaeological Projects

Archaeological Projects

Our department has a strong record in the archaeological field. Faculty members and students have been involved in a wide range of archaeological excavations, and have been especially active in the eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Current projects directed by faculty members include:

Gerace, Sicily (2013– )
See further Dr R J A Wilson’s Research page

Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project, Cyprus (2008-present)
See also Kevin Fisher’s Research page

Apulum Roman Villas Project, Transylvania (2018-present)
See also Matthew McCarty’s profiles

Current projects in which faculty members are participating:

Bestansur, Iraqi Kurdistan (Lisa Cooper)

Morgantina Contrada Agnese Project, Sicily (Katharine Huemoeller)

Horvat Midras, Israel (Gregg Gardner)

Past Projects

Apulum Mithraeum III Project, Transylvania (2013-2018)
See also Matthew McCarty’s profiles

Tell ‘Acharneh, Syria (1998-2010)
See also Dr. Lisa Cooper’s profile.

Stymphalos, Mainland Greece (1994-2001, 2005)
Mytilene, Greek Islands (1983-1994, 2009)
See also Dr. Hector Williams’s profile

The Lunt Roman Fort, Britain
See also the Lunt Roman Fort Excavations webpage.

Anemurium, Turkey
See also Dr. James Russell’s profile.

Monte Polizzo, Sicily
See also Dr. Franco De Angelis’s profile.