From Stone to Screen Project

For the past two years, the CNERS graduate students have spearheaded a digitization project, From Stone to Screen. Strictly on a volunteer basis, the students have worked to digitize our extensive squeeze collection (with over 1,000 pieces) which were collected by Malcolm McGregor, the head of this department from 1954 to 1975. This project also includes a digital database of a substantial artifact collection that was donated to the department in 2005. Ultimately, they wish to allow public access to the two collections in order to facilitate teaching and research opportunities for those without direct access to the collection. Through various online databases and websites, and with the help of the CNERS faculty members, they have catalogued almost the entire artifact collection and have photographed about 70% of the squeezes.

Through the considerable efforts of our students, the project has become very successful and gathered support from the university. In early 2014 it received a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund Grant from UBC and is using it to collaborate with the Digital Initiatives Centre at the I.K. Barber Learning Centre. Project members have recently been invited to present the project at the 2014 EAGLE Conference in September and wrote a blog for the Biblical Archaeological Review. They have set up extensive fundraising through selling products featuring the squeezes and artifacts, applying for various grants, and soliciting donations on their website.

For more information, visit the Stone to Screen blog.

To view the digitized collection of squeezes, click here.

To view the CNERS Department Artifact Collection, click here.

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